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Актуальныя прававыя пытанні ў ЗША сёння

Apple Says Workers Brought Bag Checks on Themselves

Retail workers who didn't want to wait for security screenings could have left their bags and iPhones at home, the company's...READ MORE »
The companies have agreed to dismiss all pending suits between them, but smartphone litigation will proceed between... READ MORE »

Ex-iPhone Users Sue Apple Over Handling of Text Messages

Two suits accuse Apple of intercepting text messages sent via its iMessage service after users have switched to non-Apple...READ MORE »

Facebook Goes After Alleged Ad Crook

The company has sued a man it claims ran up bills topping $300,000 by posing as employees of legitimate marketing firms. READ MORE »

Lawyer Wields New Fee-Shifting Standards Against 'Porn Troll'

Two recent Supreme Court decisions ease the requirements for sanctions in patent cases, but an L.A. attorney has invoked...READ MORE »

Hagens Berman Accuses Google of Bilking Ad Partners

The suit, which echoes allegations from an anonymous online poster, marks the second time Seattle plaintiffs lawyer... READ MORE »