вторник, 6 мая 2014 г.

Актуальныя прававыя пытанні ў ЗША сёння / Актуальные правовые вопросы в США сегодня


Town of Greece v. Galloway

Constitutional Law
Town's practice of beginning monthly town meetings with prayers did not violate Establishment Clause (Kennedy, J.) READ MORE »

Robers v. United States

Criminal Law
Defendant who fraudulently obtained loan from bank could not claim credit against restitution order for value of collateral used to secure loan (Breyer, J.) READ MORE »

Tolan v. Cotton

Civil Rights/Constitutional Law
Fifth Circuit misapprehended summary judgment standards in granting police officer's motion claiming qualified immunity (per curiam) READ MORE »

People v. Chism

Criminal Law/Constitutional Law
Peremptory challenges as to two African-American jurors not shown to be racially motivated (Chin, J.) READ MORE »

People v. Gutierrez

Criminal Law/Constitutional Law
Statute authorizing imposition of life sentence without parole on juvenile offender does not violate Eighth Amendment (Liu, J.) READ MORE »

People v. Hajek and Vo

Criminal Law
Circumstances of hostage's murder did not support finding of murder while lying-in-wait (Baxter, J.) READ MORE »
C.A. 2ND

American Master Lease LLC v. Idanta Partners, LTD.

Torts/Intentional Torts
Defendants could be liable for aiding and abetting breach of fiduciary duty even absent fiduciary duty to plaintiff (Segal, J.) READ MORE »
C.A. 6TH

Desaulles v. Community Hospital Of The Monterey Peninsula

Civil Procedure/Settlement/Judgments/Labor And Employment/Hiring/Firing
Settlement proceeds qualified as "net monetary recovery" for purposes of determining entitlement to mandatory costs as prevailing party (Grover, J.) READ MORE »

The Future of Law: Are We There Yet?

UPL rules and lawyer ethics restrictions are thwarting efforts to use tech to improve legal services, Stanford panelists... READ MORE »

Tech Docket Watch: Apple Wins Latest Patent Battle With Samsung

Apple gets mixed win in Samsung patent case, plug pulled on power cord settlement, SAP and Oracle still exchanging blows...READ MORE »

iPhone Justice Can Be Dangerous

People are using GPS to go after stolen iPhones. It's a dangerous move, say the authorities. READ MORE »

Combining Law and Science in Disruptive Times

Vermont Law School's Jeannette Eicks encourages students to step forward with courage. READ MORE »

Can Social Media Lead to Mandatory Arbitration?

General Mills says downloading a coupon means you're agreeing to arbitration clauses. READ MORE »

Apple Set to Unveil New Products, Upgrades

From the Apple iPhone 6 to a possible iWatch, consumers could be in for a 'wowing.' READ MORE »


Model Preliminary Conference Order Reflects Collective Effort

Reflecting changing priorities within the Commercial Division, a model preliminary conference order recently adopted... READ MORE »

At the Office, Keep Your Selfies to Yourself

Seems we all like to share photos we take with our phones. But sexually explicit photos shared with employees are a... READ MORE »

Wachtell, Willkie, Gibson Dunn Forge Sotheby's Peace

The Am Law 100 trio are part of a half-dozen firms advising on an agreement to end a nasty proxy fight between activist... READ MORE »

Mortgage Protection Law Doesn't Extend to Collection Counsel

The Loan Interest and Protection Act, which prohibits residential mortgage lenders from collecting excessive fees and... READ MORE »