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США. Спор между компанией, занимающийся разработками преобразования энергии океана с ее акционерами. Спор между пользователями и правообладателем франшизы Данкин Донатс. Потребность в расширении исследований электронной информации в связи с глобализацией и судебными процессами, выходящими за пределы одного государства. Другое



Effective on May 23, 2013 Rule 4:64-1 was relaxed. This after N.J.S.A. 2A:50-73 was signed into law on December 3, 2012. The law and the Rule for asummary foreclosure proceeding is now allowed with convincing evidence that the property is 'vacant and abandoned'.

We can provide an inspection documenting any two or more of the fifteen conditions as outlined by the court to prove the property to be unoccupied. The foreclosure is instant where now it takes one to four years.

Please call Donna Ciullo to make arrangements for this service at 908-687-0056, ext. 148; email info@served.com for more information.


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