пятница, 15 августа 2014 г.

США. Пресса, жена судьи и деньги. Какая политика без корпораций. Анонимные алкоголики в торговле инсайдерской информацией. Все на выставку необходимых для жизни технологий (ILTA 2014 Exhibits: Imagined and Real). Какие имеются два важнейших инструмента для защиты клиентской информации? Все должны применять политику защиты элеронных данных. Кто тут раскрыл частные клинские данные при исследовании электронных доказательств? Зачем украли секреты у этого человека?

Papers Want Discovery on Fees Paid to Justice's Wife

The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News have argued in court papers that they have a right to subpoena law firms to determine whether Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Seamus P. McCaffery's claims that he always acted ethically in regard to his wife's acceptance of referral fees are accurate. READ MORE »

Pa.'s Ban on Political Contributions Struck Down

Pennsylvania's law barring corporations and associations from making political contributions, which had been in direct conflict withCitizens United v. Federal Election Commission, has now been permanently enjoined. READ MORE »

AA Insider Trading Conviction Upheld in Third Circuit

A financial adviser who made more than $250,000 trading on insider information he got from a fellow Alcoholics Anonymous member failed in his bid to overturn his conviction by challenging the validity of the rule he violated. READ MORE »

ILTA 2014 Exhibits: Imagined and Real

ILTA opens its Exhibit Hall with a "Comic-Con" party but vendors offer real-life technologies. READ MORE »

Law Firm Data Breaches: Protecting Clients
Maintaining diligent protocols and educating personnel are crucial tools to protect client data. READ MORE »

American Bar Association urges private and public organizations to launch programs. READ MORE »

Primer on E.U. Discovery

Vendor Voice: Lawyers must tread carefully to balance the duty to produce with requirements to preserve privacy. READ MORE »

In-house Counsel Sued for Trade Secret Theft SLAPPs Back

A former Schlumberger Ltd. in-house counsel sued by the company for allegedly revealing trade secrets has countered... READ MORE »