понедельник, 11 августа 2014 г.

США. Трудовые споры в юридической фирме. Мировое соглашение в деле о причинении вреда здоровью, в следствии дорожного происшествия. Дело, связанное с особыми правилами заключения договора и с отпуском по временной нетрудоспособности.

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Court Filing Shows Turbulence Before Nelson Levine Reset

The events surrounding the departure of 16 lawyers from insurance boutique Nelson Levine de Luca & Hamilton, explained Monday to be part of Nelson Levine's interest in de-emphasizing its subrogation business, were further detailed in a complaint the surviving members of the firm filed against the departing lawyers and their new firm, de Luca Levine. READ MORE »

Brain Injury Case Against Verizon Settles for $3 Mil.

A woman who sustained a traumatic brain injury after being rear-ended by a Verizon bucket truck driver—who was on a cellphone while driving—settled her suit against the company for $3 million.READ MORE »

Third Circuit Cuts 'Mailbox Rule' in Case Over FMLA

Litigants can't be expected to prove a negative, the Third Circuit has said. READ MORE »