вторник, 5 августа 2014 г.

США, Национальная комиссия по трудовым отношениям и нарушение прав работников (юристов) корпорации McDonald's. Коррупция в судах. Быстрота рассмотрения дел в суде или соблюдение прав?

NLRB's McDonald's Decision Has Local GCs Concerned

A one-line email last week from the National Labor Relations Board's general counsel to McDonald's has brought to the fore an issue that local GCs and labor lawyers say has been bubbling up for nearly a year. READ MORE »

Despite Scandals, Favoritism Not Widespread in Pa., Attorneys Say

Scandals involving judges allegedly engaging in favoritism rear up in the Pennsylvania court system every few years, but attorneys who spoke with the Law Weekly said judicial favoritism is not widespread. READ MORE »

'Early Accountability' Plea Program Altered Amid Ethical Concerns

Reducing backlog is a priority in all court systems, but a program aimed at efficiency in Franklin County had some attorneys crying foul that efforts to move cases along potentially threatened their clients' rights. READ MORE »