пятница, 8 августа 2014 г.

США. Спор с McDonald's по поводу правильности исчисления почасовой оплаты труда. Что должна делать компания когда столкнется с группой русских хакеров, именуемой CyberVor? Дела, связанные с принтером 3D.

Green-Lighting of Wage Claims Against McDonald's Draws Mixed Reactions

The National Labor Relations Board's general counsel raised plenty of eyebrows when he announced he'd levy workers' wage-and-hour claims against McDonald's itself, not just the employer-franchisees. But lawyers aren't in agreement about what impact it'll have—and when. READ MORE »

Russian Hackers Up the Ante on Corporate Cybersecurity

What can a company do when it learns that a Russian hacker group called CyberVor has amassed 1.2 billion usernames with...READ MORE »

Print Me a 'Get Out of Jail, Free' Card
3-D printing causes many intellectual property concerns. READ MORE »