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США. Новые публикации на тему защиты компьютерной информации и, прилегающим к этой теме, правовым вопросам


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What Banks Need to Know About New Cybersecurity Assessment Tool

Bank regulators are adding a cybersecurity assessment to bank examinations, and the two-part review may be required... READ MORE


SEC, FINRA Enforcement: NFP Advisor Services Failed to Supervise Dually Registered Reps

The Securities and Exchange Commission charged a credit rating agency with misrepresenting its surveillance technology...READ MORE


Cyber Rules: What to Guard Against

As the world-at-large grows more aware of cyber security—which will be the topic of conversation at a conference here... READ MORE


Cyber: Ready for Takeoff

Today, Cyber insurance is a more than $2 billion business, and business is thriving in Lewis Brisbois' privacy and network...READ MORE


Lawmakers Want Yet Another Comment Period on DOL Fiduciary Rule

House lawmakers are being asked to co-sign a draft letter circulating on Capitol Hill asking the Department of Labor... READ MORE


Protecting Trade Secrets in an Age of Cyber Insecurity

The corporate world has entered an age of cyber espionage far beyond unsophisticated phishing emails. And a new era...READ MORE


What CISA Means for Organizations and Their Data

While CISA would offer some limited protections to organizations who utilize it, pooling data is never without risk. READ MORE


Critics Voice Concerns Over CISA's Data-Sharing Provisions

They say that privacy may get lost in the shuffle as companies share data on breaches with the government. READ MORE


The Next Big Thing: 'Internet of Things' Litigation and Regulatory Risk

Robert S. Berezin of Weil, Gotshal & Manges writes: The challenge for lawyers assessing the litigation and regulatory... READ MORE


Ten Things Your CIO Says You're Still Doing Wrong

Are you the weak link in your firm's cybersecurity chain? See how many of these don'ts you actually do. READ MORE
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