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The social media legal risks you may not have considered

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Would you know what to do if one of your employees disclosed confidential information about your business on Twitter?

What about if they bullied a colleague via Facebook?

Or used your LinkedIn contact list to promote a rival business?

Where do you stand when these kind of things happen?

While social media is undoubtedly a great tool for business, it also poses a number of legal risks you may not have considered.
Here are 5 of the big ones:
  • Breaching confidential information - If you entrust employees with confidential information, you can be held accountable for them disclosing that information on social media.
  • Breaching privacy laws - As an employer, you have an obligation to protect your employees' entitlements to privacy and to prevent them from breaching privacy laws at your workplace.
  • Publishing misleading or deceptive information - Your business can be liable for publishing misleading information on social networks, even if you didn't create the content yourself!
  • Publishing defamatory material – If one of your employees defames someone online, your business can be held liable.
  • Workplace bullying via social media  As an employer, you need to ensure that you take every step possible to eliminate cyber bullying within your workplace.
So what can you do to protect your business from these risks?

Portner Press has just published a brand-new 40-page eBook, Social Media and the Law: Managing the Legal Risks for Your Business, which will show you how to mitigate all of the above risks and more in practical, easy -to-understand terms.
It's written by Employment Law Practical Handbook Editor-in-Chief Charles Power, and it covers:
  • The legal risks your business faces as a result of social media use – and how to minimise them
  • How to regulate and monitor your employees' social media use
  • Where you stand if your business' confidential information gets shared online
  • How to implement and enforce a legally sound social media policy
  • And plenty more!
You'll also get a sample social media policy you can tailor to suit your needs.
Social Media and the Law: Managing the Legal Risks in your Workplace costs just $49.95, and is available for download right now!
Pippa McKee
Portner Press Ltd