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Protecting a business from the risks of social media

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Dear Reader,

There's no doubt that social media can be a powerful tool for your business.

It gives you the ability to connect with your customers, generate sales and build your brand online - regardless of your budget.

But for all the good it can do your business - social media can also create a legal nightmare.

You only have to look at the increasing number of social media related legal disputes being heard in our courts.
Here's an example:

Recently a Melbourne hairdresser was dismissed for posting highly defamatory comments about her employment conditions on her Facebook page. The post could be viewed by multiple clients who were Facebook friends with the employee.

Despite this, the employee lodged an unfair dismissal claim - and was successful.
Fair Work Australia ruled that the posting, while foolish and inaccurate, did not damage the salon's business. So the salon was ordered to pay the employee compensation.

To avoid things like this happening to you, you need to start putting strict measures in place to protect your business against:
  • Online breaches of privacy or confidential information
  • Bullying, discrimination, harassment or vilification claims arising from social media
  • Copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights being infringed upon
  • Deceptive, defamatory or misleading claims being posted online
  • And more...
But do you even know where to start?

Regulating the use of social media in your workplace can be a tricky business, especially when you don't understand all the legal implications.

That's where we come in.

Portner Press have just published a brand-new 40-page eBook called Social Media and the Law: Managing the Legal Risks for Your Business.

It's written by Employment Law Practical Handbook Editor-in-Chief Charles Power, and it covers:
  • The legal risks your business faces due to social media - and how to minimise them
  • How to regulate and monitor your employees' social media use
  • Where you stand if your business' confidential information gets shared online
  • How to implement and enforce a legally sound social media policy
  • And more!
Social Media and the Law: Managing the Legal Risks for Your Business will help you build and implement a legally sound social media policy for your business - one that maximises the opportunities and minimises the risks when you or people working for you use social media.

It costs just $49.95, and is available for download right now!

Let's face it - even if you aren't using social media, your employees definitely are.  So understanding the legal implications of social media use in your workplace is essential.

Pippa McKee
Portner Press Ltd