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Prepare now for 2015 – don’t let your workers 

become complacent

Tuesday, 23rd December, 2014, by Joanna Weekes
In today's Health & Safety Bulletin:
  • Why January is a risky time of year
  • 4 essential steps to reduce risks in the new year
Dear Reader,
Many of you will no doubt be planning to shut down operations over the Christmas period. This is an important time for both you and your workers to rest and recharge ahead of the coming year.
But remember that when workers do return to work in January, they may be less diligent in meeting their health and safety requirements.
In today’s Health & Safety Bulletin, Michael Selinger will discuss the added risks that can come after an extended break, and a recent case in which a senior manager was injured on the first day of operations in the new year. He will also outline four essential steps you should follow to ensure your workers are prepared for the year ahead.
See you in the new year!
Joanna Weekes
Joanna Weekes
Health & Safety Bulletin
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Why January is a risky time of year

By Michael Selinger
Editor-in-Chief, Health & Safety Handbook

As businesses close down for the Christmas break it is important to keep in mind that when your workers return to work there is an even greater need to be vigilant about safety.
While your workforce will enjoy the benefit of a well-earned rest over the Christmas break, be careful about the return to work in January. As discussed in last Tuesday’s bulletin, a culture of risk-taking and rule-breaking operate within all workforces. Not only is the start of the new year a time when there is a greater tendency to break rules or take risks, it is also more likely that complacency will take hold or that there will be a lack of focus by workers.
In a recent case in NSW, a business was prosecuted when a senior manager was struck by a forklift in its manufacturing premises on its first day of operations in the new year. Although the manager was the most senior person onsite at the time and was aware of the operations of the business, there was a lack of an appropriate start-up for the workforce in returning after the holiday period to focus their minds on safety.
Although the Court decision mainly focused on the lack of adequate separation between pedestrians and mobile plant, the judge also considered the time of year when the incident occurred. The judge noted that January is a period when workplace incidents are more likely to occur due to a higher level of complacency and a general lack of focus.
Some steps you can take in the new year to reduce the risk of incidents include:
  • conduct a return to work meeting with all your workers to revise the safety management system you have in place at the organisation and workers’ obligations to follow the rules;
  • ensure that workers are fully aware of all relevant safe operating procedures before allowing them to operate tools or equipment;
  • where possible, aim to ramp up production slowly so as to allow workers to settle back into the routine and shake out the cobwebs from the summer break; and
  • stay alert and make sure there is sufficient supervision to ensure workers are following the procedures correctly.
Warm regards,
Michael Selinger 
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