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США. Пенсии как предмет в громких спорах. Жалоба относительно психического здоровья и отказ от права, предусмотренного Законом о процедурах, связанных с психическим здоровьем. Оценка нарушений здоровья работника доктором не имеющим соответствующей лицензии. Страховая выплата в случае самоубийства. Овладение земельным участком городскими властями от лица частного университета. Вопрос о применении фирменного бланка писем фирмы. Инструменты ремесла правовой аргументации.

Pensions Seen as Bargaining Chip in High-Profile Cases

Pension benefits can be a major perquisite of working in the public sector, and for public employees under investigation or facing possible sanctions, they are a major consideration in choosing how to proceed. READ MORE »

Justices Grant Implied Waiver of Mental Health Records

Filing a complaint that could raise questions about the mental health of a plaintiff can be an implied waiver to the protections under the Mental Health Procedures Act, a divided state Supreme Court has ruled. READ MORE »

Commonwealth Court Discounts Unlicensed Doctor's Assessment

A workers' compensation judge should not have allowed an impairment assessment from a psychologist without a license to practice medicine or a certification to evaluate impairment to trump that of a licensed, certified doctor, the Commonwealth Court has ruled. READ MORE »

Insurance Carrier Off the Hook for Teen's Suicide

An insurance carrier will not have to be financially responsible for the suicide of a 16-year-old living with her mother and her mother's gun-owning boyfriend, a common pleas judge has ruled. READ MORE »

Small Taking for Private College's Use Barred as Excessive

Richland Township's attempt to take a small piece of land on behalf of a private university was excessive and should not be permitted, the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas has ruled. READ MORE »

Common Letterhead Should Only Be Used for Partnerships

I am a young lawyer who has just formed a law firm with several other attorneys and the firm is incorporated. Does my letterhead have to reflect that the firm has been incorporated? READ MORE »

Crafting Arguments With Your Audience in Mind

Although appellate work involves legal strategy and zealous advocacy like every other area of practice, it sometimes requires a different set of tools. When constructing appellate arguments, particularly the brief, there are discrete concepts to keep in mind.READ MORE »