вторник, 15 июля 2014 г.

США. Что является продуктивностью в работе юридического отдела. Защита данных при процедуре слияния и поглощения. Бывший главный юрист компании Xerox Corp обвиняется в попытке убийства своей жены. Не удовлетворена апеляционная жалоба по групповому иску акционеров к компании Chesapeake Energy Corp. Налог с продажи сигарет в Филадельфии. Спор девушки за принятие участия в соревновании с мужчинами в реслинге и платежи адвокату. Другое


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Supreme Court Business Briefing

The U.S. Supreme Court's recent Term yielded a number of cases substantially affecting business. Intellectual property, securities, and environmental law figured prominently. The MoloLamken Supreme Court Business Briefing succinctly explains the impact of those decisions on the litigation landscape and business environment. Read this analysis from one of the Nation's leading litigation boutiques.

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Don't Skip the Cybersecurity in M&A Due Diligence

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As Economy Improves, Corporate Culture Should Too

As the market shifts back toward employees, corporate culture will become even more of a make-or-break factor for companies. Read More »

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3 Tips for Preserving Privilege During an Investigation

Companies must be careful to preserve attorney-client privilege rights during internal probes. Read More »

Ex-Xerox GC Convicted of Trying to Kill His Wife

A former Xerox Corp. general counsel was convicted of attempted murder and other charges in connection with the beating... Read More »


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2014 Watch: IP Engagement

Increasingly sophisticated IP engagement is the 2014 watchword. This trend is generating more strategic assessments of IP assets and driving in-house counsel demand for firms with expertise and the ability to develop strategies tailored to each IP litigation.This white paper focuses on what some are calling the new 'IP Playbook' taking shape as companies protect their innovation pipelines amidst considerable changes to the patent landscape. Download your copy now! Click here

Chicago Fed Proposes Limits on High-Frequency Trading

Changes seek to restore "perception of fairness" in the wake of allegations made in "Flash Boys." Read More »

Appeals Court Rejects Class Action Against Chesapeake

Plaintiffs in a proposed securities class action against Chesapeake Energy Corp. failed to show at the complaint stage... Read More »

Fate of Philadelphia Cigarette Tax Uncertain

It's unclear if state House of Representatives members will return to Harrisburg before the scheduled date of Sept.... Read More »

Girl Wrestles Attorney Fees From School District

The rural Pennsylvania school district that had to allow a girl to wrestle on a boys' team after she brought a suit... Read More »